If you missed our online event on Wednesday 9th June 2021, you can watch the recording to see and hear all the guest speakers and meet the trustees and staff.

You read or download the slides from the presentations:

  • Contingency Planning for Carers – Thinking Ahead – What will happen when my circumstances change.  Danny has many useful tips and considerations to ensure you and your loved one have the same expectations. Consider what could be lost, if the professional performing care planning doesn’t know the person, as well as you do?
  • Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS – Outline of BEH’s work and development of new Carers’ Strategy – Updated Trust Strategy  – Desired Outcomes.

The event agenda was:

11:00 —11:15          Welcome by Pamela Burke  –  Chief Executive

11:15—11:30           Contingency Planning with Danny Newland – Care & Support Manager

11:30—11:45           Mental Health Strategy with BEHMHT – Andrew Wright & Clare Scott

11:45—12:00           Doug Wilson – Head of Strategy & Service Dev at Enfield Council

12:00—13:00           Meet the Trustees: Tim Hellings (Chair) & Neil Yeomans (Treasurer)

13:00 —14:00          Meet the Staff from each department