What is the iCan service?

The iCan Service is a free, confidential service which aims to improve the health and well-being of adults who are living in Enfield.

Enfield Carers Centre is now in partnership with this project which consists in a coordination of four iCan Navigators across Enfield and surrounding areas, supporting people with dementia, diabetes, stroke survivors, those who are susceptible to falls, those who are socially isolated or need end of life care.

How to get support by our iCan Navigators

The iCan Navigator for ECC is Cheryl Codrington who provides information to the community about the services that ECC  provides for the Enfield community.

Cheryl navigates the community, runs peer support groups, visiting homes and people with needs in order to give information about social care services and how to access these services.

Her role consists in spreading and raising the awareness of how to prevent or better manage conditions like social isolation, dementia, diabetes, falls and strokes.

In order to request an iCan Navigator visit, you can give as a call at 020 8366 3677 or email: ican@enfieldcarers.org

For more information contact:

iCan Service on: 020 8375 4120

Email: ican@ageukenfield.org.uk

Once you have received an iCan Service Navigator visit in the Enfield area, we can help you with several care services with the aim to provide respite for those people who are caring for a loved one suffering from diverse health issues.