When did you last check your benefit entitlement?

It is important to check what benefits you are eligible for every six months to ensure you are receiving everything available to you.

This Benefits Calculator makes checking what money you have a right to easier than ever, taking just 10 minutes to complete a calculation.

There is a new feature on the free and easy-to-use Benefits Calculator. You will now be able to see a breakdown of how a Universal Credit result has been calculated. This means for people who are currently on Universal Credit, you can do a calculation and compare this to their Universal Credit award letter to identify any areas where they may be entitled to an uplift in the rate they receive.

In addition, the new tool will show:

  • People renting what help they will get with Universal Credit for their rent.
  • Calculator users what help they can get under UC for children; for disabilities; and caring for a disabled person.
  • Calculator users how their earnings and other income is taken into account in the calculation.
  • Calculator users if and how the benefit cap affects their Universal Credit entitlement