Enfield Carers Centre (ECC) can pay for replacement care if medical or social care professionals have advised that the person you care for cannot be left alone and if you do not have any other family or friends who can provide temporary care while you are out. We understand that carers may need help to be able to access support, advice and information and also to enjoy a break from caring.

If this is your situation and you currently use a care agency (to provide personal care such as washing, dressing etc. or a sitting service (someone to sit with your loved one while you go out) talk to one of our staff team about your need for replacement care. You can arrange for the same company to provide additional care services whilst you attend an activity, appointment or meeting at the Carers Centre or use an entirely different organisation. Send the invoice for the replacement care to ECC and we will pay that bill. It is important that you have spoken to us for our agreement before you organise the replacement care.

If you have never used a care agency before, you will need to contact them to arrange for an assessment of your loved one. This assessment helps the agency understand what the needs of your loved one are and must be done before you can arrange the replacement care.

*subject to criteria, availability and charity resources