Under Section 117, of the Mental Health Act 1983, a person who has been subject to certain conditions, under other sections of the Act have a right to receive free aftercare, rather than means-tested social care provisions.

A person might qualify for 117 aftercare if they were detained:

  • for treatment under section 3
  • under a hospital order under section 37
  • following transfer from prison under section 47 or 48
  • under a hospital direction under section 45A

You also have the right to section 117 aftercare if you:

  • have been discharged onto a Community Treatment Order (CTO) for the entire period of your CTO
  • are on section 17 leave of absence from your detention under section 3, or
  • are a restricted patient on a conditional discharge

You have the right to section 117 aftercare after you leave hospital whether you:

  • leave hospital immediately, or
  • stay on as a voluntary patient