Although Young Carers can access support from our EyPIC Team, there are numerous occasions when they have opportunities to support us too.

Some of our Young Carers have taken part in the London Youth Leadership Programme, where they successfully put in a pitch to create a Zine, to give insights into the life of a young carer. For their efforts they were awarded the full amount available, £700, from the London Youth Panel.

Some of our amazing Young Carers from Chace Community School, raised £1000 for the project by competing against other groups in their year to deliver a presentation about EyPIC. We were very proud when they won!

Our Young Carers are not just offered social activities and support by us. We also offer them the opportunity to develop skills and recognise their potential. Whether this is helping them develop workplace skills by offering work experience and tips on CV writing, making them think about the positive impact that they and their peers make, or encouraging them to participate in Youth Leadership projects; we do support Young Carers, because everyone needs help now and again, but we prefer to empower them because they are an incredible bunch!

First Give have made a short film from an assembly in which some of Enfield Carers Centre’s Young Carers star.  Two of the Young Carers staff represent the centre and the work we do.