Life After Loss Project

Information from Citizens Advice Enfield and Mind in Enfield

As of the 30 October 2020, 401 coronavirus-related deaths had been registered in Enfield. The total cases in Enfield has risen to 4,251 by 9 November, with 495 new cases recorded in the last week alone.

These are more than just statistics, but countless lives and families changed. Data from the Enfield Council suggests that those from the most deprived area of the borough.

Deaths and illness have plunged families across the borough into crisis. Whether they have fallen into poverty following the loss of a soul provider, struggling to pay expensive funeral costs, or battling the emotional strain of grief and stress, the right support must be available. Citizens Advice Enfield are partnering with Mind in Enfield to provide a dedicated service for directly impacted by COVID-19.

The Life After Loss scheme will allow Citizens Advice to go beyond its advisory role, providing financial and emotional support to clients like these, helping them cope with the terrible losses bought about by COVID-19.

The Life After Loss service will include:

  • A dedicated advice caseworker to manage the clients’ needs from start to finish.
  • It will include fast track advice to access benefits, Universal Credit, and debt advice support.
  • Assistance with raising money for funeral costs and other sudden/emergency bills.
  • Emergency crisis emotional support counselling.
  • Up to 8 free sessions of bereavement counselling.