Our Mission

Our Mission: Improving the lives of family/unpaid Carers, living in or caring for an Enfield resident so that they are: recognised by statutory service providers as experts in care; aware of their rights: well-equipped to care; not financially disadvantaged; able to enjoy a life outside caring; prepared and involved in the planning of services or provision of care for their loved ones.

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Enfield Carers Centre is a local charity – we are a not-for-profit organisation


Who Can Use Our Services?

Anyone who is a Carer.
We serve Enfield and surrounding London boroughs.
A Carer is someone who, unpaid , is looking after a relative, friend or partner who:

  • is frail or elderly

  • has a mental illness or a disability

  • has a long-term or life-limiting illness

  • has a substance misuse condition.

We Offer:

  • Adult Carers Support
  • Young Carers Support (aged 5 – 18)

Meet the Team

Our Trustees are:
  • Tim Hellings – Chairman
  • Neil Yeomans – Treasurer
  • Caroline Bernard-Moxey
  • Ann Campbell
  • Pamela Learmonth
  • Hannah Lison
  • Pamela Odukoya
  • Patience Wilson

What our Trustees Do

Trustees volunteer their time to oversee and monitor the work of the Centre. The managers at the centre make decisions to ensure that the day to day work of the Centre is achieved, however, major decisions cannot be made without approval from the Board of Trustees.

Some of our trustees have specific roles, such as governance (our Chair) and financial matters (our Treasurer). However, when there are big decisions to be made the board have to agree before any action can be taken; this ensures impartiality in how Enfield Carers Centre sets its strategic aims and manages its core funds.

We have a trustee information pack, a trustee application form or call us from more information.

Our Funders

Enfield Carers Centre would like to acknowledge and thank all those who have provided funding and donations to enable us to continue our work supporting Carers in Enfield.  See more information on our funders.

Our Partnership Working

Enfield Carers Centre works with a range of organisations across all sectors in Enfield to ensure that Carers’ voices are heard and their needs are taken into account.

We believe that it is important that Carers are high on the agenda of the strategic planning and delivery of services across the borough and to do this we need to be visible and vocal. See more about our local partners.


Charity Commission Registration

For the most up to date information regarding Enfield Carers Centre you can visit:

ECC Charity Details

A Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 7149774 and registered as a Charity,
charity number 1140089

Registered office: Enfield Carers Centre, Britannia House, 137-143 Baker Street, Enfield, London, EN1 3JL