What’s available if you need replacement care in an emergency? Has something suddenly changed? Do you have to leave your cared for, unexpectedly for an emergency for yourself or another family member?

Unexpected things can happen to anyone and Carers are no exception.  You may get ill, need hospital treatment or have an emergency family matter to deal with that means you’ll have to leave the person you care for a period of time.

If you have family members or close friends who can help cover for you while you’re unable to care then, with a bit of organising, you might find that this is workable for the period required.

However, if you’re caring for someone without the support of other people then Adult Social Services should be contacted on 020 8379 1001, to ensure that appropriate care continues to be provided should you not be available.

Enfield Carer Centre may be able to help for a short period of time if you have an emergency and no other form of support until the Adult Social Services support can be arranged.  We can provide up to 72 hours emergency replacement care (subject to availability) through our Homecare Team.  This emergency care is free of charge and subject to an assessment.

Social Care Services from the council are subject to charges depending on the financial means of the person requiring care; however, there is always a legal duty for social services to arrange care even if the costs are these would then be fully paid for by the person requiring care.

To discuss more about the process call Enfield Adult Social Services on 020 8379 1001 or us on 020 8366 3677.


If you would like to come to one of our events or activities but your adult loved one can’t be left alone, then Enfield Carers Centre can help provide a sitting service for the time you are at our event.

Please call 020 4519 2654 to find out more.

Free Overnight Care

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep because your loved one’s illness means frequent interruptions?

Enfield Carers Centre would like to give Family Carers a helping hand by providing Overnight Care.*

Following an assessment, a qualified and experienced member of our Homecare team will stay overnight in your home to care for your loved one’s needs, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy ONE full night’s sleep.

To qualify you must:

  • live with your loved one
  • register with Enfield Carers Centre
  • agree to a joint assessment of you and your loved one’s health care needs


Enfield Carers Centre  –  020 4519 2654 or 020 8366 3677, or email: homecare@enfieldcarers.org

*  Subject to criteria and availability