Enfield Carers Centre has a fabulous service to support Young Carers aged 5-18 years, funded by the National Lottery.

We are EyPIC, which stands for Enfield Young People in Caring, and we are here to help you with lots of advice and information while you care, encouraging you to take part in all our great activities, discover new interests and make friends with other Young Carers.

If you are looking after somebody in your family, we have lots of things that may help you.

We can :

  • Come and support you in school
  • Help you with homework or coursework
  • Take you out for fun trips and outings
  • Invite you to our clubs to meet other Young Carers
  • Talk to you about the help that you provide at home and how we can help you
  • Help you to make friends with other Young Carers
  • Support you with your problems
  • Arrange free, one to one tuition
  • Arrange for you to have a regular meeting with a mentor

We have even made our own video about being a Young Carer, check it out now!

Come and Join us!

To take part in all our activities and get support from us we need to know a bit more about you and the person you care for. You will need to fill in a form but don’t worry, we can help you do it.

We Are Here to Help You!

To join us at EyPlC, with other Young Carers, click here to fill in the form

Call or text us on 07809 332106 if you need some help

View our current EyPlC activities: EyPlC activity brochure.

As a Young Carer with EyPIC, you or other family members can call/text/WhatsApp the team on: 07809 332106 or email: youngcarers@enfieldcarers.org

The EyPIC Project are proud to be working with Jack Petchey on their achievement and leadership award schemes.

This means that our Young Carers get to nominate one of their own, a few times a year, for an achievement award, which then gets spent on either equipment or an activity chosen by the winner. It is a wonderful way for young carers to receive some recognition from their peers and for the project to be able to celebrate those achievements with all of the Young Carers.


We are also proud members of  London Youth and have worked with them on two amazing projects. The ‘Youth Leadership Awards Scheme’ where five of our 16 year old Young Carers came together to plan a project to raise awareness of Young Carers. This included two residential trips away to meet other youth groups and preparing a pitch and presentation to the London Youth Team, which they did perfectly.

We also participated in the ‘Keeping It Wild’ project, where a team of our Young Carers worked on a project to raise awareness of environmental issues.