For Carers of adults over 18

If you are an adult providing unpaid essential care for another adult, you have the legal right to have a Care Act Carers Assessment.

The Carers Assessment has to be undertaken by the borough where your cared for person lives.  In Enfield, if you are caring for a child under 18, your Carers Assessment can only be done by an Enfield Council Social Worker.

The Carers Assessment focuses on your caring role and the impact that it is having on different areas of your life namely:

  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Family and other relationships
  • Accessing education, employment and volunteering opportunities
  • Ability to provide care to a child/children
  • Maintaining a habitable home environment
  • Being able to access social activities
  • Managing and maintaining good nutrition

You may be entitled to a Carers Direct Payment dependent on the outcome of your assessment and your needs as a Carer.

Enfield Carers Centre would recommend that all Carers take the opportunity to have an assessment.

If you would like to arrange an assessment, or have any questions about the process, please give a member of our team a call on 020 8366 3677;  or email:  We are happy to assist.


Information to read, if you are asked to complete an Online Self-Assessment for your Carers Assessment

You may be asked to complete an initial Self Assessment form as seen here:

Any information you enter into this online form will be sent, once fully submitted, to Enfield Carers Centre, via the email address This email can only be accessed by the Centre’s Assessment Team Administrator or their direct line management. The information you provide will be used to create a baseline assessment, about how your caring role impacts on your life.

If, when answering questions in this form, you are asked to contact the Centre this might mean that you don’t meet the criteria to benefit from a Carers Assessment, and we would like to speak with you to see what support would be best for you.

The information you provide will allow us to evaluate how caring is impacting on you and to consider the services that are most relevant in supporting your ongoing wellbeing.