What is the Emergency Card Scheme?

Our free Carers Emergency Card Scheme is a safe way to hold essential information about the person you care for, what their care needs are and who needs to be informed if something goes wrong.

The card is for Carers of vulnerable adults as the scheme is overseen by Enfield’s adult social services. They have a service called “Safe & Connected” who run the scheme and keep your essential details and emergency contact numbers.  If you suddenly were unable to provide care, the Emergency Card lets everyone know you are a Carer for someone and details what you would want to happen if you’re not around.

Why would I need a Carers Emergency Card?

“What would happen to the person I look after if I’m unwell or have an accident or emergency?” This thought is often at the back of Carers’ minds and ignoring it can make it more of a worry.

How does the Emergency Card Scheme work?

If you have an accident, anyone finding the card, usually the emergency services, will be able to phone Safe & Connected, who will then set your plan in motion, depending on the circumstances:

  • Call one of your nominated emergency contact persons so they can put your plan into action
  • Call the person you care for to inform them if you have requested this

Safe & Connected will visit your property only if they hold keys and if you have included this request in your plan.

You must nominate up to four emergency contacts.  These will be people you trust who would be available to help your loved one if you are involved in an accident or other emergency.  You must also think about everything they will need to know in order to be able to look after your loved one until you return.  This is called an Emergency Plan.  You must discuss your plan with your emergency contacts and get their agreement to be involved in this scheme before you give their details to Safe & Connected.  The Emergency Card Scheme form includes your personal details, your cared-for person’s personal and health details (including any medication they take) your Emergency Plan and your emergency contact’s personal details.

Where we keep your Emergency Plan

Once returned to Enfield Carers Centre, your Emergency Plan will be kept on our secure database and accessed by the Safe & Connected Team at Enfield Council.

The Carers’ Centre will return your Plan to you. Keep it in a safe place that’s easy to access.

Updating your Emergency Plan

Make sure you keep your Emergency Plan up to date and if you need to change anything, just let us know. The Carers Centre will remind you every year to review your plan and emergency contacts in case anything has changed.

Extra help if you need it

If you would like help completing your Emergency Plan or to speak to someone at Enfield Carers Centre about it, you can contact us on 020 8366 3677 or email us at: info@enfieldcarers.org

Your Emergency Plan will be returned to you. Please make sure it is kept in a safe and accessible place. You will also receive your Emergency Card to keep in your purse or wallet. This will alert people that you are a Carer in the event of an accident or emergency. No personal information appears on the card.


Enfield Carers’ Centre is not responsible for the care provided in an emergency or for information in your plan.

How to Apply for an Emergency Card

Before you apply for the Carers Emergency Card Scheme, take some time to think if you have:

  • talked through the Emergency Plan with the person you care for
  • had their agreement that you can include their details in the Plan unless they lack capacity to provide this
  • discussed the Plan with the relative(s) or friends who you’re naming as your emergency contacts
  • had agreement from them that they are prepared to help in an emergency

Print, fill in and return this Emergency Card Application form to Enfield Carers Centre.

Save the Emergency Card information as a leaflet.

Print, fold and keep the Emergency Card leaflet for future reference.

Permission is important

Make sure you speak to the person you care for about the Emergency Plan as they need to agree to their details being included. This may not apply to cases where the person is not able to fully understand what is being discussed. You also need to speak to anyone named as an emergency contact in the Plan so they know what they’ll have to do if a crisis occurs. They must also give permission for their details to be contained in the Emergency Plan. Give them a copy of the Plan as soon as you complete it. We can copy it for you to give them if you ask us to.