Safe and Connected is a 24 hour telecare service from Enfield Council

Safe & Connected (the Council’s telecare service), provides a wide range of equipment that can help people to continue living at home independently and safely.It’s good for carers to know about when they don’t live with their cared for person or to give them confidence and peace of mind when they go out.

We have a summary of the service in our FAQs or see the new Safe and Connected website. Here is the link: Enfield Safe and Connected | Enfield Council

Safe and Connected is a 24 hour service providing round the clock support to people who may feel vulnerable.

You can find out more by watching this short film.

What is Safe and Connected?

Safe and Connected is a 24 hour emergency service run by Enfield Council. The service provides emergency support to anyone 1 8 and over who may feel vulnerable, have a disability, or a long-term health condition so that they can access help day or night to enable them to live safely and
independently in their own home.
Our aim is to enable you to have independence when you want it, and help when you need it.

How it Works?

You will be provided with an easy to use alarm unit and choice of a lightweight pendant or wristband, including any other sensors required to meet your health needs, which in an emergency can be activated to send an alarm call to a fully trained Safe & Connected Telecare Advisor via your telephone line. (Don’t worry if you don’t have a landline as we also offer sim enabled devices at no extra cost).
In an emergency, a Safe & Connected Response Officer or your nominated contact will attend your home to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. We aim to respond to emergencies within 45 minutes if not sooner.