What is Respite Care?

 Respite Care is usually a short-term package of care, typically ranging from 1-6 weeks. The objective of respite care is to provide relief for people who are full-time Carers. There are a range of scenarios where full-time Carers may require respite, for example:

  • Planned Breaks / Holidays
  • Personal Healthcare Needs/appointments
  • Time to socialise with friends or family
  • Time to pursue exercise or hobbies

What Can We Offer?

At Enfield Carers Centre we understand that sometimes Carers need a longer break from their caring role and we are here to help.  We can offer you a variety of respite options to help you to take some time for yourself.

  • Day Care service – allows you a break to go shopping, meet up with friends or have time for yourself
  • Night Care service – where someone will come into your home to allow you to have a proper night’s sleep
  • Live-in Care service – one of our qualified, professional care support workers will move in with your loved one whilst you’re away to support them until you return
  • Emergency Respite  for when the caring role is in danger of breaking down.

We understand your loved one’s safety is paramount. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure their Care Support Worker is someone the whole family can trust.

All the professionals we work with have full background checks, referencing and certificates to prove they reach the standards you expect.

Call 020 4519 2654 or 020 8366 3677, or email: homecare@enfieldcarers.org for more information.

Who Pays for Short Term Care / Respite Care?

The answer to this question varies depending on the income and savings of the person receiving the care. Care services at home aren’t usually free.

If the person needing care or you are paying the fees yourself (called self-funding), then you will arrange and pay for your/their own care, but your local council should provide advice to support you.

You can book and pay for your respite care directly with our Homecare Team by calling 020 8366 3677 or email: homecare@enfieldcarers.orgWe can also help you to apply for any benefits you may be entitled to which can help you pay for homecare/respite services.  Our Benefits Advice service is free of charge. See more information on our Benefits page.

Some ‘local authorities’ provide respite services to Carers for free. However, the person you care for may be assessed (called a care needs assessment and a means test or financial assessment) to see what services are needed and if they need to contribute towards the costs of the services being provided to them in order to give you a break. If the person needing care is required to pay the full cost of the services, you are not obliged to accept these services from the local authority.  You can choose and arrange your own care service provider.

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